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About Us

Secured is a joint venture between the publications, events, and training capabilities of Monitor/ABF Journal and Sawbux, a leading marketing, research, data, and analytics firm specializing in commercial finance. We’re combining the brand strength of a 50-year leading independent voice of commercial finance with the unique multi-million dollar research engine in place serving finance decision-makers for over 14 years.

Commercial capital providers now have the ability unlock breakthrough insights, quickly, affordably, and with unmatched industry perspectives.

Since 2010...

Our research partnership has surveyed executives across a variety of inter-industry and external decision-making audiences. With an average turnaround of less than 60 days and costs starting at only $5,000, we can unlock the mission-critical insights historically untapped because of expertise limitations and budget concerns.


Secured Finance Companies


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Small Businesses


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Sponsored Research

This solution offers firms the perfect blend of the unique insights to drive better decision-making with the added ability to monetize those insights though sponsorships–enhancing the ROI of the effort.

Secured will conduct annual, quarterly and monthly pulse research on topics like:

  • Technology and Innovation
  • Service Provider Preference
  • Middle Market Equipment Finance Outlooks
  • Small-Ticket/Vendor Equipment Finance Outlooks
  • Compensation Surveys
  • Vertical Market Pulse Surveys
  • Credit Trends Pulse (from vendors)
  • And more.

Sponsors will receive input on survey questions and audience segmentation, in-depth analysis and data compilation, and visibility in the full reach of Monitor and/or ABF Journal email newsletters, websites, subscription content, events, and more.

Specialized Research

Are you making critical business decisions more on intuition and instinct than insights from data and the voice of your market? Secured can help you with the information needed anticipate demand, operate more efficiently, and grow confidently.

Designed exclusively for your firm and unpublished beyond your team, Secured Specialized Research offers companies the ability to connect with customers and prospects to inform decision-making in even the most nuanced areas.

Engagements may include topics like:

  • Brand Perception and Competitive Positioning
  • New Product Development
  • Geographic and/or Vertical Market Expansion
  • Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience
  • Vendor Decision-Making
  • Salesforce Effectiveness
  • Market Potential and Reach
  • Optimal Customer Definition
  • Propensity To Fund Analysis
  • And more!

Fast, affordable, and delivered with unmatched industry expertise, don’t let what you don’t know be the reason you didn’t achieve.